EPS Creative Health Technology Group Ltd.

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

Businesses of Major Subsidiaries

Apparel ODM Segment

Our apparel ODM segment clients are mainly Japanese and American apparel retail brand owners or purchasing agents. The products are marketed and sold under the client’s own brand. We also provide design proposals for some clients. As the group does not have manufacturing business, we outsource the entire manufacturing process to third-party manufacturers engaged in manufacturing business in the people’s Republic of China (the “PRC”), Thailand and / or Cambodia.


Speed Apparel (HK) Limited: http://www.speedapparel.com.hk/en/index.php

Healthcare Segment

Based on the seeds licensed from academia and life science companies in Japan, we aim to commercialize products such as regenerative medicine and develop businesses that make use of active ingredient screening technology and extraction technology.

Providing platform services to support the commercialization of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health foods as a trading company that specializes healthcare to connect Japan and China.

A pharmaceutical company whose business is to put seeds (newly developed drugs, etc.) held by academia in Japan into practical use.

Engaging in IRO (Innovative Research Organization) business supporting strategic planning, non-clinical trials, clinical trials, approval applications, manufacturing and sales, financing and licensing for Japanese and Chinese pharmaceutical companies, academia, and bioventures.



Taking the trade of goods and services as principal business, we strive to commercialize the research results of Japanese life sciences, especially in the field of basic research, and provide them to consumers from overseas.


Since 2022, we have become a subsidiary of EPS Creative Health Technology Ltd., operating healthy food, cosmetics and other products that contribute to people’s healthy lives, and conducting trade wholesale business between Japan and China.



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