EPS Creative Health Technology Group Ltd.

EPS Group Introduction

Group CEO's words

In the field of medicine and health, China and Japan have huge cooperation needs and room for mutual complementarity and win-win. In order to meet this demand and achieve a win-win situation, the industry has made a lot of efforts. But objectively, there are very few successful cases, far from meeting the huge demand. Investigating the reason, I think the most important thing is the lack of a business and organizational platform that can bring together and integrate talents, products, technologies, and funds from China and Japan.


EPS Holdings Inc., the parent company of EPS Creative Technology, was founded by me during my study in Japan. After 30 years of development, it has become Japan’s largest pharmaceutical R&D and related service company, and it is also the largest company founded and operated by Japanese Chinese listed company. Therefore, promoting the development of the Chinese and Japanese medical and health industries will inevitably become our obligatory mission.


EPS Creative Technology is based in Hong Kong, China, a unique international financial center, backed by the vast market and innovative talents in Mainland China. We will make full use of the strong resources of EPS in the Japanese industry, combined with the successful experience of more than ten years in China and the advantages of business networks, and strive to build a mechanism for the research and development, production and sales of innovative medicines and health foods, and strive to build a system that spans the two countries and three places. A brand-new model of the pharmaceutical and health industry platform.


We will uphold the EPS concept of “Ever Progressing System” (Ever Progressing System). We will not forget to “focus on the big picture” and “work on the small ones”. We will actively and extensively develop pragmatism with our counterparts in China, Japan and Hong Kong. Effective cooperation has made unique contributions to the development of China and Japan’s medical and health industries and to human welfare.

Hao Yan
Representative Director
EPS Holdings, Inc.
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