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HCP Business

About HCP Business

As our core business, we have been introducing and supplying high-value products and services from overseas rapidly based on our accurate understanding of the needs of Japanese researchers involved in life science research, especially in the field of fundamental research. We also trade and wholesale Japan made health care products such as beauty care products and health foods to China and Southeast Asia. In addition, we are involved in the development of our own health care products as a new business.

EP Trading Co., Ltd.

EP Trading is a trading company specializing in products and services for non-clinical research in the life science field in Japan. We promptly introduce supply the products from overseas to researchers engaged in fundamental research fields. We also purchase and develop health care products such as beauty products and health foods, and trade and wholesale them to customers in China and Southeast Asia.


EP Trading Co., Ltd., Ltd. : https://www.eptrading.co.jp/ 

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